Lena Perenchio About

Lena Perenchio About

Virtual Birth Doula

To me, Vinyasa Yoga is a meditative dance, and for someone who danced through her childhood, growing a vinyasa practice came naturally. Its synchronization of breath and movement to blend asana postures into a seamless flow reminds me of connecting dance positions together to make fluid routines, all while emphasizing alignment and precision. My background in dance has given me an understanding of the natural pathways of movement that I expand further through my practice as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher. 

You will find there is a whole philosophy behind the way in which this practice unfolds, not only for the body, but for the mind as well. The fluid sequencing improves one’s skeletal, muscular, and cardiovascular health through strengthening postures and continuous movement. At the same time, the lessons infused in each class and posture improve overall well-being. When we hold a posture and focus the breath, we learn to quiet the mind in the moment, and the transitions teach us that no posture or experience is forever, but part of life’s ever-changing flow. In my classes, we explore themes such as non-attachment, non-judgement, resilience, expansion, surrender, connection, dualism, and gratitude. Through these, we learn that the application of Vinyasa does not end with the asana (physical postures) on the mat, but carries through to what we cultivate in our daily lives. 

I find it important to offer a class where all levels of yogis can thrive and meet themselves in the present moment. For newcomers, I create sequences that flow gently and focus on the alignment of  foundational postures and the rhythmic breathing used in tandem with each. These classes offer continuous challenge as one learns to shape the body in new ways while practicing quieting the mind. For intermediate students, I speed up the flow and invite more challenging standing and balance postures. The invitation to master and hold more complex postures increases strength, endurance, resilience, and equanimity. For the advanced student, I blend speed with precision and add the most challenging postures for a practice that requires intense focus and pliability. While anyone can progress with guidance, Vinyasa is not a competition that demands advancement; it simply asks you to meet yourself where you are when you step on the mat. 

I invite you to develop a fluid, playful practice that serves your body, mind, and spirit so you can show up for yourself, your community, and your environment in an open, present, and engaged way. The more one commits to the practice in and out of class, the more they enhance the relationship between mind and body this practice so beautifully nourishes. 

I currently offer private or small-group classes via zoom and in person. Please visit my connect page to inquire further.