Lena Perenchio About

“Lena is ever present at a birth, all her training and life experience flow through her hands and mind to fully service the mother/family that she is working with. Smart choice in choosing Lena as your doula, as she will find ways to help you achieve your birth goals to what is best for all.”
- Carmen Bornn-Vincze, Advanced Birth Doula and Mentor

“Lena is a genuine, kind, empathetic, and strong woman. Her compassion is abundant in the birth-room. We were able to witness her doula skills in a rural clinic in Tanzania and saw how much mothers clutched to her. She handled everything that was thrown at her with grace and a loving smile, knowing how and when to compartmentalize. It is that ability that makes her an excellent support person. We highly recommend Lena as a birth doula.”
- Charlotte and Gaby, Wombs of the World Founders

“As a new mom, I am so grateful that Lena was available for my childbirth preparation and delivery. The time and energy she spent was so obvious, as she kept me informed and prepared for the delivery process (making sure to answer, literally, all of my (many) questions), and shared relaxation techniques that proved to be REALLY effective during the actual labor and delivery. Her talent and true care for my pregnancy and delivery really showed, and I would refer her to any expectant mother out there, absolutely and without hesitation.”
-H. Kim, Birth Doula Client

“Lena exemplifies the role of a doula; she is not only a loving and caring human being, but she also has made herself available to our most vulnerable and underserved birth community as well. I met Lena as a Case Manager at a group home for pregnant, homeless women. Two of my clients chose to work with her and were both overjoyed to have not only natural childbirths but felt “heard and supported” in the preparation process as well as the birth itself. I appreciate Lena’s thirst for more knowledge in the birth community as well as her sensitivity and compassion towards all women who deserve to have a supportive and empowered birth.”
- Juliette Kurth, DONA/DASC Birth Doula, E-RYPT, RPYS, E-RYT 200 & 500, Owner of Silver Lake Yoga

“I had the chance to work with Lena at the height of the covid-19 outbreak in 2020, a time that brought a lot of anxiety for everyone, especially a pregnant mother. Lena was truly my biggest advocate from the time we partnered together - during my pregnancy, to the moment we had our son, and to postpartum days as well. Even with it being my second child, she made me feel so comfortable and eased any worries I experienced. Every conversation we had together was genuine, authentic and truly made me feel so much more comfortable about having a baby in a hospital during a world pandemic. My delivery wasn't easy, but she stayed on call throughout the entire process and was able to help my husband with tips and tricks to ensure I was relaxed, confident and prepared. I would highly recommend Lena as a doula - she is truly everything I imagined and more!”
- Lauren P. Hersh, Birth Doula Client

“Lena is the calm and guiding force you want by your side when you deliver your first baby. She clearly and effectively communicated my wishes and requests to the nursing and medical staff. As the pain intensified Lena practiced breathing techniques that helped considerably. She was also quick-thinking and snapped photos of the first moments baby Rocky came into this world. I whole-heartedly recommend her as a doula to support your birthing experience.”
- Vanessa Grunstein, Birth Doula Client