Lena Perenchio About

Lena Perenchio About

Virtual Birth Doula

Both Yoga and Birth present us with opportunities to reconnect to our bodies and re-write the narratives we have towards them. When paired, the combination is deeply powerful.  The more we believe, trust, and admire our bodies, the more we fall into rhythm with them. This is vital during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods because it allows us to be receptive to our needs. 

In my classes, we explore themes relevant to pregnancy, labor, and parenting to help you with the transitions that come with each. In  prenatal yoga, you will mindfully move your body in a way that continuously makes space for the baby as you strengthen and ground your innate power. During pregnancy, the body releases the aptly named hormone relaxin in the 2nd and 3rd trimester that relaxes joints and ligaments in the pelvis, allowing them to expand during labor and birth. It also increases elasticity in other joints and ligaments throughout the body, which can cause discomfort and even pain. Engaging your muscles gently and purposely through prenatal yoga stabilizes and aligns joints and ligaments while maintaining elasticity needed for birth. 

The overall practice of yoga and its meditative qualities elicit the body’s relaxation response. This is especially crucial during pregnancy when one goes through various emotional shifts. Practicing yoga regularly will leave you calm and at ease, helping you manage body and mind.

I invite you to explore yourself, your body, and your baby by safely connecting your breath to your movement and your movement to your mind. 

I currently offer private or small-group classes via zoom and in person. Please visit my connect page to inquire further.