Lena Perenchio About

Lena Perenchio About

Virtual Birth Doula

My life experiences have led me to the foundational belief that all persons giving birth have the right to compassionate reproductive and maternal health care that leaves them with feelings of empowerment, confidence, and respect.

Research proves that the continuous support of a Birth Doula through labor and birth benefits the birthing person in all aspects medically, physically, and emotionally. More specifically, the support of a Birth Doula decreases the likelihood of all medical interventions as well as cesarean sections. In addition, birthing persons are more likely to experience improved relaxation and comfort, leading to increased feelings of satisfaction with their birthing process. And as a result, Birth Doulas have profound emotional benefits for birthing persons and their partners, increasing confidence and decreasing anxiety, and consequently supporting bonding and postpartum mental health.

As your Birth Doula, I will be a continuous, knowledgeable, compassionate, and responsive presence throughout your unique journey.

To begin, I will work with you on exploring your relationship with self and your unique desires, wishes, and fears surrounding your pregnancy. I will then guide you through each stage of pregnancy and the stages of birth, discuss childbirth’s fluid nature, and prepare you for the experience. Once we fully understand one another, together we will create a birth-preferences plan that will enable you to make informed, consensual decisions about your body, birth, and baby. A crucial element at this stage will be building a knowledge base so that you and your partner can speak with confidence to healthcare providers and be heard and respected.

Next, I will introduce emotional and physical comfort measures, including breathwork, focusing exercises, verbal reassurance, massage, counter pressure, and maternal position. This lays the groundwork to assist with pain management, fetal positioning, and labor progression during birth. 

Throughout the birth I will provide continuous support through all stages of labor and the early postpartum hours, applying the tools we learned during our prenatals. Birth asks you to be fully present, and it asks that of me too. This immersion and focus induce a flow state. I am in tune with my clients, reading them almost intuitively. I will actively interpret your body language and listen to you so that I can continuously adjust to meet you where you are and guide you forward. All the while, I will remain in close communication with the staff and act as a liaison between them and you.

During the postpartum follow up visit, I will focus on the narrative work needed to digest the labor and the birth. Together, we will reflect on how you—the birthing person and partner—experienced your birth journey and how to shape your stories going forward. I find this narrative work empowering and vital to creating a foundation on which you can prosper

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